See To Solve provides SaaS tools to help cultivate a high-velocity continuous improvement organization and culture, the defining characteristic of the world's most successful organizations.

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See To Solve Alert™

Mobile Andon reporting system to simplify and accelerate issue reporting, analysis and resolution

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What stops most organizations from achieving High Velocity Continuous Improvement?


Front-line workers are conditioned to bypass and work around issues

Following intuition or instruction, front-line workers encountering problems will do their best to sidestep them rather than ask for help.

Wrong place wrong time

Supporting staff aren't allocated appropriately

First responders who are capable of analyzing and resolving issues aren't called to the scene quickly, if ever.

Flying Blind

Leaders get blindsided by avoidable problems

Without a clear understanding of the instability, leaders are unaware of their organization's weak points until they become emergencies.

The cost of being blindsided

Lacking a quick and easy way for frontline workers to call out problems can have dire consequences

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Navy aircraft carriers
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Alert Preview

See to Solve Alert™

Patented andon-style solution for rapid problem reporting (~15 seconds) from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. A few simple clicks and our system intelligently routes your issue to appropriate supporting staff.

  1. Who
    Identify yourself
  2. Where
    Which ward, machine, room, etc.?
  3. What
    Identify the problem type from a pre-determined list
  4. Annotation (optional)
    Add a photo, video, sound recording or short comment to your submission
  5. Submit
    Your ticket is on its way to someone who can help

Spin Up Your Own Alert™ Instance in 4 Minutes or Less!

Answer a few quick questions -- who's on your team, what problems might they observe. Then we'll send them your See to Solve URL and some brief tips on how to start reporting.

Sit back and watch your dashboard light up with the insights you've been missing!

Alert™ Pricing

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Starter Plan

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  • 250 Submissions/mo 
  • 100 Tickets Accessible 
  • 50 Reporters 
  • 1 Responder 
  • 1 Administrator 
  • 1 GB Storage 


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  • Unlimited Submissions
  • Full Ticket History
  • Enterprise SLA
  • Integrations: Jira/ServiceNow/…
  • Customizations
  • Single Sign-on
  • Optional On-Prem Installation

Recent blog posts by Dr. Steve Spear

See to Solve LLC was created by Steve Spear, senior lecturer at MIT, senior fellow at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and author of works such as Decoding the DNA of the Toyota Production System, Learning to Lead at Toyota, Fixing Healthcare from the Inside, and The High Velocity Edge.

The "see a problem, swarm and solve a problem" learning dynamic has had astounding results: in healthcare–elimination of complications, compression and disappearance of wait times, and liberation of capacity. In industry, multipliers in throughput speed and capacity. In new product design, reductions by one-quarter to one-half the time to get to better plans.

The Toyota Way v.2: トヨタ道: Great book...great title

Published on Feb 26, 2021

Summary: Jeffrey Liker has published v.2 of The Toyota Way, a great book the first time and even better now. Worth returning to the content and the wisdom in it, at some other point. This note is just about the beauty of the title, based on reflections and reviews prompted by the passing of Normal Bodek, creator of Productivity Press, management theory prospector, and the reason many had early insight as to what leading Japanese companies were doing differently to achieve the outrageous combinations of quality, affordability, product variety and time to market that was so disruptive in the 80s.

Discovering our way to greatness...

Published on Feb 16, 2021

Summary: Sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair. You show up at work to solve hard problems that no one could resolve individually, and you bust it to develop design and deliver great products and services. But that outfit “across the street” keeps beating you, arriving earlier and faster with solutions to their customers problems that fit better and which they generated with seemingly less effort. How’d they pull that off when you've got access to the same science and technology, the same talent pool, and more or less the same market information?

How to keep from going off track and out of whack: feedback—fast, frequent, and fine grained

Published on Dec 16, 2020

Summary: How to ensure that the organizations of which we are part succeed? Fast, frequent, and often fine-grained feedback to keep our collective effort on track and to keep our individual efforts harmonized with each other.


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See to Solve Flow™

Advanced web application built for collaborative, remote process mapping.

  • Realtime, remote collaborative editing

    Your whole team can work together creating, modifying and perfecting your process maps.

  • Unlike standard drawing tools, our maps contain rich inbound and outbound connection data indicating the expected handoffs. Work instructions are embedded in the assignments to keep the details of what needs to be done at hand.

  • When processes become too complex, you can simply collapse sets of steps into process groups allowing you easy access to both the forest and the trees.

  • Individual team members can focus the map on their swim lane, hiding irrelevant details. Relevant inbound/outbound tasks from other lanes are highlighted and a printable summary of all their tasks is available for them.